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They always say the best products are created out of necessity. I guess that’s true because that’s what brought me to invent the Divot Mat.


James Frank / CEO

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I came to golf late in life. A career in the car business meant Saturdays were spent on the lot, not the links. After 34 years as a Jeep dealer, I finally retired. I took up golf and instantly fell in love with the game. I noticed that many courses didn't have ball washing stations and if they did, they weren't well maintained. So, I thought, “Wouldn't it be great to have a device that could attach right to my golf bag or on my cart so I could clean my ball any place, anytime?”

In a League of Our Own

We take pride in our exceptionally high standards of quality. To ensure that our products render results, we’ve partnered with two-time major champion, Dustin Johnson, to give you an authentic, pro-level training experience. From precisely-measured tracking lines, to skid and slip-free velvet, our products are crafted with the technology best suited to enhance your golf game.

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Our Mission is to teach golf as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.


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